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Erub Erwer Meta (Darnley Island Arts Centre) works to revitalise traditional Erubam le and share it with the world. Erub, also known as Darnley Island, is one of the most remote communities in Australia, located 160km north east of Queensland's Cape York Peninsula. This beautiful volcanic island situated in deep turquoise waters, on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef is home to approximately 400 Erubam people.

The Centre specialises in hand-built, wood fired ceramics, printmaking, works on paper as well as creating jewellery, textiles, weaving and handcrafted dance ornaments. Erub Erwer Meta is a unique art centre bringing community arts such as broadcasting, music, performance and IT technology together in the one facility.

From its beginnings 20 years ago as a craft group Ekkilau, to building a centre, Erub Erwer Meta is dedicated to all art forms. Erub artists have worked hard to develop their own artistic identity. Purchasing directly from the art centre ensures authenticity of the artwork.

Erub Erwer Meta artists design and produce handcrafted pieces on Erub and as an owner of this artwork you can be proud that you are supporting contemporary and traditional Australian Indigenous Art by Torres Strait Islanders.


Art Centre Manager: Diann Lui

Ph  +61 7 4090 0827

Mob 0488 409 935


Erub Erwer Meta

PO Box 96, Darnley Island

Via Thursday Island Qld 4875




2012 Brochure (pdf)


A small but expanding group of artists from four tribal groups. They draw their artistic inspiration from their identity, connection to their totems through traditional and contemporary stories about their land, sea and family connections.

Frank Mye

Ellarose Savage

Jimmy Thaiday

Sedey Stephen

Jenny Mye

Aaron Armitage

Racy Oui-Pitt

Florence Gutchen

Kapua Gutchen

Sarah Ven Hooran

Sweeney Thaiday

Emma Gela

Maryanne Bourne


This body of water flows between Papua New Guinea to the north and the tip of Cape York, Australia in the south linking the Coral Sea with the Arafura Sea. With its collection of more than 200 islands it is home to one of Australia's two indigenous peoples, Torres Strait Islanders.

There are 22 inhabited islands with Thursday Island being the administrative hub.

Travel to Erub is usually made from Cairns, via Horn Island where you board a light aircraft for one of the most scenic ocean view flights dotted with opalised reefs, tropical coral cays and islands.


Ceramic works portraying significant stories are now held in the Ian Potter Gallery at NGV, Gab Titui Cultural Centre, Thursday Island. State Library of Queensland and private collections.

Limited edition prints in lino have been purchased by the National Museum of Australia, British Museum, galleries and private collectors.

Artist Jenny Mye has exhibited Nationally with her woven baskets.

Artist Ellarose Savage is the first Torres Strait Islander woman living in the Torres Strait to have sculptural ceramic work selected for Telstra National Indigenous Awards Darwin 2010.

A partnership with Education Queensland has enabled Erub Erwer Meta to establish an intergenerational learning model situated adjacent to the school.


Dari, Eastern Island headdress

by Aaron Armitage

Meg Agoragor ailan pos
- collaboration

Kebi Le – Little People
by Emma Gela

Hand coloured digital print by Kapua Gutchen Snr.

Strapping woven basket by Jenny Mye

Kebi Le – Little People
by Jimmy Thaiday

Our Kidnapped Women by Franklin Mye

Hand dyed screen printed fabric

All images shown remain property of the Photographer or Erub Erwer Meta and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the Art Centre and the Artist.  Photography credits - Dari - Cory Austin,  All other Photographs Lynnette Griffiths or Erub Erwer Meta.

For more information, prices and images of works available for purchase, Erub Erwer Meta

artists Invite you to visit Erub, download the current catalogue or email the centre manager.

Screen print Waraz - collaboration