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Darnley Island, Queensland 4875


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With Thanks

Community & School

Thanks to the Erub community, in particular the school (Erub Erwer Uteb), the Council, Elders, Prescribed Body Corporate and Ged Erub Trading for their ongoing support.

Collaborators & Partnerships

Thank you to the all the artists who have collaborated with us to grow and develop in the following fields, Ghost Net, Ceramics, Jewelry, Media & Fashion. Thank you to all the galleries, institutions and universities who have helped us with research and exhibitions.

Funding & Sponsors

We acknowledge the support of all our funding agencies and our corporate sponsors Sea Swift Shipping and Skytrans Airlines. Without the financial and in-kind support shown to us, Erub Arts would not be able to share their art and culture globally.

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All images in this web site and download PDF remain property of the photographer or Erub Arts and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the Art Centre and the Artist.  Photography:  Lynnette Griffiths or Erub Arts.

The trading name Erub Arts is to be used in all writings and publications.

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