20-25 – by Jimmy K Thaiday



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Artist : Jimmy K Thaiday

Medium: Woven

Size: 68cm x 52.5cm x 2cm


The Dari is a ceremonial headdress. It’s usually worn during the performance of kab
kar (sacred dance). These headdresses are used across the Torres Strait and each island group has its own
distinctive style and significance. The white feathers, traditionally are from the sir (sea heron), representing
peace  The cut pattern of the sir feathers represent the shape of fish tails, the raba raba
(black feather) is the long tail feather from the waumer (frigate bird). The trim of white
feathers at the top of the raba raba represents the sik (whitecaps of the sea). The black
and white feather in the middle is from the deumer (Torres Strait pigeon). The seed is
usually the wada (reddish kolap). the zig zag cane work represents the the sai sai (fish
traps). The inner curves represent the irau (eyebrows).
(as these birds are now protected, commercially purchased turkey feathers are used)

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