Popwag Ali-Cat



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Artist : Jimmy John Thaiday

Medium: Ghost net, Rope and Twine

Size: L:55cm x W:13cm x 13cm

Title: Popwag Ali-Cat

Popwag is our name for jellyfish. Jellyfish of all sizes, colours and patterns like to drift, to drift and follow the tide wherever it takes them.

In Australia, abandoned fishing nets (also known as ghost nets) from boats are washed ashore, trapping marine species such as turtles and dugongs. Sadly, these turtles make up 80 percent of the marine life found caught in these nets. As an environmental project, Erub Artists are utilising these abandoned ghost nets in an attempt to clean up the oceans. Their objective is to raise awareness about the negative impacts of ghost nets by creating art such as this jellyfish out of reclaimed fishing nets.

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