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an art centre with a difference

The sea, reef and marine life that surrounds our Torres Strait island connects us to our culture and is the source of our inspiration

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Surrounded by fringing reef and traditional stone fish traps Erub is home to approximately 400 Erubam le (people) from four tribal groups. Our seafaring heritage has traditions in elaborately carved and decorated canoes, carved stone objects and intricately made dance costumes and weaponry. Stories of creation and events are passed down through song and dance keeping cultural traditions vibrantly alive.



Internationally recognised for their woven ghost net works, the centre’s artists draw their inspiration from the surrounding ocean and reef. Works in GhostNet, ceramics, screen printing, lino cuts and drawings on paper are held in International and National collections.


Ailan Pasin (island fashion), is the arm of Erub Arts that designs and produces screen printed and digitally printed fabrics for clothing and home furnishings. The fabrics feature drawings and prints that tell unique island stories for people interested in the intersection where culture, art and fashion collide.

Erub Arts works with our community to maintain a strong Erubian identity, by promoting our culture in a contemporary way through art.

Ghost Net Art uses reclaimed fishing nets that have been abandoned or lost to create 

works of art and large scale installations, sending a conservation message to the world.

We are all connected by the oceans of the world, we must all work together towards their protection.

Please contact Erub Arts to discuss sales, commissions and future exhibitions


Large and small works are made for exhibition and by commission.


Handbuilt woodfired and gas
fired ceramic sculptures


Large charcoal works
watercolours lino prints


Designs especially created for fabric


T-shirts, T-towels, ghost net jewelry, gift cards and bags


Read about us, how the centre operates, our plans and achievements in this PDF.

Torres Strait Island stories and messages

Supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program, Arts Queensland and the Torres Strait Regional Authority.

Member of Indigenous Art Centre Aliance, IACA

Member of the Indigenous Art Code

Erub Erwer Meta Torres Strait Islander Corporation, trading as Erub Arts is registered with the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) ICN: 7054.

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