Credit: Erub Arts

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Emma Gela

Frame 9
About the artist

Nancy Naawi

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up on Darnley Island. I have always been interested in making things. I have always crocheted and enjoyed sewing and handcrafts. Since joining the art centre, I have gained confidence in myself as an artist, and I want to do things that represent myself, my family and my surroundings from before time to these modern times that we live in. I enjoy weaving and making bags and three-dimensional forms from ghost nets.

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About the artist

Lavinia Ketchell

I was born in Cairns and grew up on Erub (Darnley Island). I am one of six children, and I have an identical twin. All my siblings were good at art at school. I came to work at the art centre in a media support role, but I quickly started making ghost net jewellery and now work with the others. I enjoy making all kinds of different things from the ghost net. The colours, once you unravel the net, make my works bright and happy. I love how I can turn something harmful to our reefs into a beautiful art piece.

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About the artist

Jimmy John Thaiday

I grew up on Yam Island and moved to Darnley Island (Erub). My partner is from Erub, and I have family here as well. I have always loved to draw; it’s something that comes naturally. I also enjoy fishing and walking on the reef. My artwork gives me the opportunity to express the things that are important to me, my identity, and my culture. Currently, I am working with a ghost net and creating three-dimensional work.

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About the artist

Racy Oui-Pitt

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up on Darnley Island. My name is Racy Pitt (nee Oui). My mother is from Darnley Island of Pacific Island and Torres Strait heritage and my father is from Badu Island of Torres Strait and Malaysian heritage. I grew up on Darnley Island and started making art in 2002 when I enrolled in a screen-printing course. When the CDEP Art Gang formed, I rejoined the art group in 2005, doing lino printing, screen printing, pottery and jewellery with Lynnette Griffiths. My art is about our culture and mixed heritage from the Torres Strait and Pacific Islands. I want to continue learning and keep making art.

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About the artist

Florence Gutchen

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up on the beautiful island of Poruma, (Coconut Island) in the central Torres Strait where my family originates from. I have six sisters and three brothers. I was engaged in 1984 and moved to Erub in 1986 and then married in 1987. We were blessed with five children, three boys and two girls. When I was young my favourite hobbies were crochet, bead making and sewing. As the years went by, I learned other art skills such as drawing, screen printing, lino printing, etching and ceramics. I still continue with my other crafts as well. I enjoy my artwork and look forward to learning more new things and sharing with others in the future.