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Deep Sea Pakorr – Ellarose Savage


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Deep Sea Pakorr

This lino print is an edition of 50.

The deep sea Pakorr or Coral Trout is one of the most common fish around Erub. Our fishermen go by dinghy to fish for Pakorr. Local sardines are caught fresh to use for bait. There are various types of Pakorr, Strawberry, Passionfruit and Footballer. Sometimes the fisherman’s catch can be about 20, 50 or even 100 kilos. It all depends on the moon and the tide. The local freezer buys the fish and it is packed and sent on the cargo barge. Pakorr is a delicious fish to eat. We make coconut curry, bake, soup or roast on open fire. Mata nice!

Lino Cut Prints
30cm x 20cm print on 38cm x 28cm paper
Year: 2018

Ella-Rose Waigana (Savage)
About the artist

Ella Rose Savage (Waigana)

I am currently working as a member of Erub Arts based at the Erub (Darnley Island) art centre. I began my artistic journey in 2003 when I had the opportunity to work with the ‘Green Turtle Dreaming’ project. I am interested in expressing my relationship with the sea and am currently exploring the links between people’s surroundings, objects and our culture. Sea creatures have always been part of my heritage. I love their graceful beauty and the environment from which they come. Since I was a small girl, I learned to hunt and eat these things as part of my culture.