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Eagle Rays – Jimmy K Thaiday, Florence Gutchen


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Eagle Rays

Traditional Torres Strait patterning emphasises the tidal currents that these spotted Eagle Rays are swimming through. Their patterns contrasting with the patterns of the tide as they glide effortlessly through the waters. Schools of Eagle Rays can be found in the open waters or close to the reef. They are sometimes seen jumping high into the air. Eagle Rays hold cultural significance as they are totemic for some tribes of the Torres Strait.

Acrylic on Belgian Linen
183cm x 137cm
Year: 2019

Jimmy K Thaiday
About the artist

Jimmy Kenny Thaiday

I was born in Cairns and grew up on Erub (Darnley Island) in the Eastern Torres Strait. My Tribal clan is Peiudu, one of four tribes on Erub. Art has always been part of my life; it is something I like doing and expressing myself through. My inspiration for my artwork is from my heritage, livelihood the environment in which I live, and the cultural traditions that have been passed on through generations that have influenced my work. My family has always encouraged my art practice, giving me confidence and motivation to keep developing my ideas and techniques.

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About the artist

Florence Gutchen

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up on the beautiful island of Poruma, (Coconut Island) in the central Torres Strait where my family originates from. I have six sisters and three brothers. I was engaged in 1984 and moved to Erub in 1986 and then married in 1987. We were blessed with five children, three boys and two girls. When I was young my favourite hobbies were crochet, bead making and sewing. As the years went by, I learned other art skills such as drawing, screen printing, lino printing, etching and ceramics. I still continue with my other crafts as well. I enjoy my artwork and look forward to learning more new things and sharing with others in the future.