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Hanging Pot – Racy Oui-Pitt


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Category: Ceramics
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Hanging Pot

My artwork is a ceramic hanging garden pot. I love doing gardening and got an idea to do my art piece. It inspires me to do my garden with clay from the land and the waste ghostnet from the sea.

H: 43cm x W: 31cm D: 94cm
Year: 2015

Frame 6
About the artist

Racy Oui-Pitt

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up on Darnley Island. My name is Racy Pitt (nee Oui). My mother is from Darnley Island of Pacific Island and Torres Strait heritage and my father is from Badu Island of Torres Strait and Malaysian heritage. I grew up on Darnley Island and started making art in 2002 when I enrolled in a screen-printing course. When the CDEP Art Gang formed, I rejoined the art group in 2005, doing lino printing, screen printing, pottery and jewellery with Lynnette Griffiths. My art is about our culture and mixed heritage from the Torres Strait and Pacific Islands. I want to continue learning and keep making art.