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Nam Kerem – Jimmy K Thaiday


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Nam Kerem

Nam Kerem (Turtle Head) is an ancient zogo (sacred) rock sculpture carved into the shape of a turtlehead. In primitive history the people of Erub (Darnley Island) would worship this zogo rock and in return it would provide them with rich turtle seasons.

The ceremony connected with this zogo, the Zogo Le (sacred person) would pour turtle oil with herbs and spices and chant special prayers on Nam Kerem. Turtles would then come in numbers to the shores of Erub to nest and be taken as a food source, its oil was also taken to anoint magical rocks. This zogo is no longer practised, but the stories of Nam Kerem, its purpose and its use is known amongst Erubam Le.

Ceramic stand constructed from Clayworks R.S.F. clay and raw fired in wood kiln using pine and hardwood to 1220 degrees Celsius, total firing time 21 hours.

Turtle head formed from resin and surface treated with acrylic paint.

Ceramics (Woodfired) & Cast Resin
44cm x 26cm x 17cm
Year: 2014

Jimmy K Thaiday
About the artist

Jimmy Kenny Thaiday

I was born in Cairns and grew up on Erub (Darnley Island) in the Eastern Torres Strait. My Tribal clan is Peiudu, one of four tribes on Erub. Art has always been part of my life; it is something I like doing and expressing myself through. My inspiration for my artwork is from my heritage, livelihood the environment in which I live, and the cultural traditions that have been passed on through generations that have influenced my work. My family has always encouraged my art practice, giving me confidence and motivation to keep developing my ideas and techniques.