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Rosy Ama – Racy Oui-Pitt


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Ceramics (Woodfired) & Ghostnet
17cm x 40cm x 21cm
Year: 2018

Category: Ceramics
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Rosy Ama

Rosy Ama is one of the best dancers on the island. She likes to entertain and make people happy on the island. She is a very happy lady and so nice to everyone. As soon as the island band plays lovely music and songs she likes to get up and dance.

She makes everyone happy.

Kebika Legiz series

Tradition of the little people

Figurative forms carved from basalt inhabit sacred sites on Erub. Many of these have been lost or dispersed through indiscriminate collecting and development. These stone little people have inspired research resulting in the creation of clay figures which express artists connections to their ancestral histories. 

The medium of woodfired ceramics translates the significance of basalt rock and the volcanic nature of the island by bringing elements of man, his land and sea together in an ancient craft.

Fired in Australia’s most northerly kiln built in 2003. The piece derives its individual markings from the deepwater seaweed used during the twenty-one hour firing process. This ceramic sculpture is richly decorated with woven elements.

Ceramics (Woodfired) & Ghostnet
17cm x 40cm x 21cm
Year: 2018

Frame 6
About the artist

Racy Oui-Pitt

I was born on Thursday Island and grew up on Darnley Island. My name is Racy Pitt (nee Oui). My mother is from Darnley Island of Pacific Island and Torres Strait heritage and my father is from Badu Island of Torres Strait and Malaysian heritage. I grew up on Darnley Island and started making art in 2002 when I enrolled in a screen-printing course. When the CDEP Art Gang formed, I rejoined the art group in 2005, doing lino printing, screen printing, pottery and jewellery with Lynnette Griffiths. My art is about our culture and mixed heritage from the Torres Strait and Pacific Islands. I want to continue learning and keep making art.