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Spirit of the Sea – Ellarose Savage


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Category: Ceramics
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Spirit of the Sea

 My ceramic piece represents the Spirit of the Sea

My father always tells us about the importance of life on land and sea including creatures and things around us. As a child you’d grow up wondering about the same things that are around you. Every time we went out in a dinghy my father always said ‘rubbish goes in the garbage bag all bits and pieces of it’. I would ask him why he always said to remember this. He would always say ‘respect things around you’. “When you are out in the dinghy you have to respect the sea as well’. He said ‘the sea has life in itself, when you litter in the sea it becomes rough to dispose of waste products etc. Spirit of the sea will get angry it will make you suffer for example it will be so rough you won’t be able to go out in a dinghy to get seafood’. 

Ceramics (Woodfired)
Form 1: 77cm x 30cm x 11cm Form 2: 52cm x 18cm x 17cm
Year: 2014

Ella-Rose Waigana (Savage)
About the artist

Ella Rose Savage (Waigana)

I am currently working as a member of Erub Arts based at the Erub (Darnley Island) art centre. I began my artistic journey in 2003 when I had the opportunity to work with the ‘Green Turtle Dreaming’ project. I am interested in expressing my relationship with the sea and am currently exploring the links between people’s surroundings, objects and our culture. Sea creatures have always been part of my heritage. I love their graceful beauty and the environment from which they come. Since I was a small girl, I learned to hunt and eat these things as part of my culture.